Case No. 1710001-07

Damien Nichols and Jack Hunter

September 4, 2017, 3:34pm. Petty Theft. 20 year old Caucasian male, 6’ 0”, was detained following the disappearance of display sunglasses. The suspect was seen at the display just before the item disappeared. Having a large backpack and a suspicious demeanor, store staff alerted the loss prevention officer on duty. While in custody, the suspect was confrontational and disrespectful while also showing to be fidgety and uncomfortable. The suspect denied possession of any stolen merchandise. The suspect was patted down before his backpack was searched. In a discreet pocket of the backpack, the missing sunglasses were found. An understanding was reached by the suspect and the loss prevention officer, and he was released without involvement of law enforcement. $299.99 retail value recovered for the store without incident.

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